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Four options are available: PICK ONE ONLY
Compare and contrast Stoicism with another competing philosophy such as Buddhism or Epicureanism.
Compare and contrast one Stoic philosopher covered in this class with another seminal philosopher such as Socrates.
Examine the influence of Stoicism on at least one contemporary thinker in either psychology or philosophy.
Examine the roots of Stoicism in Plato and/or Aristotle
There are many ways to construct this paper. Your goal is to do so in a way that all grading criteria along with the paper guidelines are met. In general, you should focus on several fundamental ideas rather than an exhaustive analysis. That is, aim for depth rather than breadth. For example, if you chose 1, you should focus on a couple fundamental points of agreement and disagreement rather than trying to cover them all.
Paper Guidelines:
Your paper should have an original title.
Your paper must be typed with a 12-point font and double-spaced. Papers that typically earn an A for this assignment are around 2500 words or 10-12 pages. While there are no page limits per se, your goal is to fully meet the stated grading criteria, and some people can do so in 10 pages while others may need 13 or more.
Your file must be uploaded as a .doc, .docx or .pdf file.
Proper citation methods, including a bibliography, based on an academically accepted citation methodology such as Chicago, APA or MLA is expected. It is important to follow your chosen methodology carefully. For example, make sure to cite all sources in the bibliography and use quotation marks to demarcate direct quotes in order to avoid issues involving academic dishonesty. If you are unfamiliar with standard citation methods, please contact the ASU Writing Center under “Accessibility.” This is important because all papers will be vetted with originality software, and the academic integrity policy, as stated in the syllabus, applies to all submitted work in this class.
Although using outside research and textual support is expected, do not rely excessively on the use of direct quotes. If material is not in your words, you may not receive credit for it.
Proofread your paper, and do not put full trust in the spell check function. I strongly recommend having it professionally edited by a writing tutor, or at minimum, reading it out loud and then editing it yourself. Remember complimentary writing assistance is offered to all ASU students.
Organize your paper well, and use subtitles to designate the different sections.
Submit paper by the due date stated in the Course Calendar. Late papers will be accepted up to 3 days, but like the quizzes, late papers are automatically subject to a 15% penalty per day late.
Grading Rubric:
Clear thesis statement that connects explicitly to one of the given options
4 points
Discussion explains and critiques the views of another philosopher, contemporary thinker, or school of thought in addition to that of the Stoics
Development of an argument that defends the thesis; the argument is supported with good reasons and textual evidence; the argument avoids informal fallacies and other errors in reasoning.
14 points
Paper draws from the relevant assigned course content and from outside research to support the author’s positions. At least two quality outside sources such as journal articles and two primary readings are used in addition to the textbook.
Proper spelling, grammar, organization (use of subtitles/sections), and citation methods
7 points
Total possible
45 points


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