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My question is how is the 1,875 is calculated for the Units produced for most profitable sales mix for Product MTV below?

Exercise 2517
Sales mix determination and analysis LO A1
Colt Company owns a machine that can produce two specialized products. Production time for Product
TLX is two units per hour and for Product MTV is five units per hour. The machine’s capacity is 2,500
hours per year. Both products are sold to a single customer who has agreed to buy all of the company’s
output up to a maximum of 4,250 units of Product TLX and 2,215 units of Product MTV. Selling prices and
variable costs per unit to produce the products follow.
                                                                                Product TLX                          Product MTV
Selling price per unit                                            $ 12.00                                         $ 7.20
Variable costs per unit                                               3.60                                            4.32

Determine the company’s most profitable sales mix and the contribution margin that results from that sales
mix. (Round cost per unit answers to 2 decimal places.)
                                                                                                Product TLX                          Product MTV
Contribution margin per unit                                                    8.40                                          2.88
Units produced per hour                                                                 2                                              5
Contribution margin per production hour                            16.80                                        14.40
                                                                                                Product TLX                          Product MTV                     Total
Maximum number of units to be sold                              4,250                                         2,215
Hours required to produce maximum units                    2,125                                           443                                  2,568
For most profitable sales mix                                               Product TLX                          Product MTV                    Total
Hours dedicated to the production of each product        2,125                                            375                                2,500
                   Produce most profitable units until the market demand has been satisfied.
Units produced for most profitable sales mix                    4,250                                          1,875
Contribution margin per unit                                                   8.40                                            2.88
Total contribution margin                                                     35,700                                          5,400                             41,100


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