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(Strict Rules) 1) Please use nice selection of words, however, must keep it in simple English like a normal student, nothing fancy please 2) ONLY use Sources provided (Movie and lecture notes) In this assignment, you draw upon content and knowledge gained through the course, to interpret real or fictional life experiences in sport, exercise, or health. You have to base on ONE of the following movies: a) The Way Back b) Rising Phenix c) Athlete A d) Borg/McEnore e) Jungleland f) Safety The assignment should be typed, double spaced, MOST IMPORTANTLY IS THAT IT CANNOT BE MORE THAN 4 PAGES IN LENGTH (Excluding title page and reference page(s), and MUST use APA FORMAT (7th Edition) The written assignment should consist of 3 key sections. You should refer to the marking key on the next page to further comprehend how the assignment will be graded. 1. Section 1 should offer a brief introduction and description of the movie; Section 1 should be no more than 1 page in length. (Section 1 of the marking key). 2. In Section 2 you should engage in an in-depth discussion of one of the sports, exercise, or health psychology concepts discussed in class (e.g., motivation, mental health, talent development) which is presented in the movie. you should include specific examples from the movie and relate these examples to theoretical and/or practical material discussed in class. This section should be approximately 3 pages in length, including no more than 1 page describing the course concept being discussed. You should use the remaining space to describe how the concept is embedded in the movie. (Section 2 of the marking key). 3. In Section 3, you should offer brief comments outlining their personal insight. This section should be no more than a half page. (Section 3 of the marking key). • For the movie: Was the depiction of the sport/exercise psychology concept in the film or book accurate based on what you have learned in the course? Why or why not? Note: You should not re-tell the story from section 1, or explain the concept again (which should have been done earlier in section 2). Instead you are bridging the two sections and demonstrating how the concept exists within the story. Referencing material? Search Google for APA (e.g., Owl Purdue APA): WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT MARKING KEY Section 1 – Introduction and Description – 2.5 marks • Name movie (0.5) • Introduce main characters/participants of movie (0.5) • Provide brief clear and succinct summary of story line/experience (1.5) Section 2 – Discussion and Reflection – 7 marks • Choose one concept from the course of interest to you (e.g. motivation, mental health, talent development); clearly articulate the concept you have chosen (1) • Draw upon class content to demonstrate your understanding of the movie the objective of this section is not to reiterate class notes or recount in detail the plot of the movie. Instead you should demonstrate their ability to apply their knowledge, by making strong links between class material and the movie Section 3 – Reflection – 2 marks • For the movie : was the depiction of the sport/exercise psychology concept in the film or book accurate based on what you have learned in the course? Why or why not? Writing – 3.5 marks • APA citations and reference list. (1) • Page lengths. Ability to write concisely with appropriate weight to each section. (1) • Writing. Fluent. Grammar. Spelling. Presentation. Formatting (1.5)


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