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The requested paper is a summary essay, and it should attempt a careful reconstruction of the main argument(s) of Claude Steele’s essay “Thin Ice.” (see link below or attached document):
Here is the basic question I’m seeking the paper to answer: What is Steele’s central thesis in this essay and what are the strongest arguments and evidence that he provides to support it? (Summarize his ideas but keep your evaluation out of the essay. This is a summary, not a critical assessment of what Steele says or an examination of its implications.)
The summary paper should be 600 words. Please don’t quote more than a key phrase or two, since the main idea here is to present Steele’s argument in your own words. When you quote a word or phrase, make sure you use quotation marks and provide the page number in parentheses.
One thing to avoid is a summary that follows the order in which the author presents his ideas. Your goal is to both (1) summarize, in two pages or 600 words (at most 700 words), a much longer essay, and to (2) clarify what his main claim is and how he supports it. You will not be able to do this effectively if you try to follow his own narrative (as it were).
You cannot include everything he says, obviously. So, as you read and reread the essay, before you write even one sentence of your own, try to determine which ideas are the central ones (and why) and which ones are peripheral, not as important (and why). Use your pen or pencil to underline the ideas that seem important, and find some way of underlining or highlighting that allows you to distinguish the more important ideas from the less important ones. Then, out of this group of major ideas, try to figure out if there is one key claim – a central thesis. Once you have done that, outline Steele’s ideas in such a way that the relationship between his central thesis and the evidence and arguments he uses to support that thesis becomes clear. Work on this outline, revising often to make sure you have accurately identified the relationship among the various ideas in “None of the Above.” Please revise carefully after you write your first draft, aiming for clarity and precision. Revise several times, as you do this, check what you say against Steele’s original to make sure you are in fact representing his ideas accurately.


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