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ABOUT THE ANALYTICAL PAPER ASSIGNMENT:For the paper assignment, you will first need to read the article, “Unemployment and the Democratic Electoral Advantage” by John Wright. This article was first published in the November 2012 issue of The American Political Science Review (Volume 106, No. 4).Then, your paper assignment will need to address three sets of questions:1) According to Wright’s research, what does he conclude about the relationship between unemployment and the electability of Democratic candidates for governor and the President? Why is unemployment an issue that the Democrats “own”, according to Wright? How are his findings different from the retrospective and prospective models of voting, discussed in class? You will be evaluated on how well you articulate your understanding of this article (i.e. you will need to reference the author’s text in answering the aforementioned questions)2) What is the best approach for the American state (i.e. governments and bureaucracies at all levels) and society to overcome the problems that have resulted from COVID-19? Should Americans have the freedom and flexibility to decide what to do for themselves, without significant interference from government or the bureaucracy? Should we abide by the decisions of and defer judgement to those in authority who are more knowledgeable about the situation than ordinary citizens? Should Americans follow the commands and orders of government officials and bureaucrats, trusting that they have the public interests in mind, even if doing so subjects individual Americans to additional pain and suffering? Support your position with reasoning and provide references to the Wright article and course material in your answer.3) What is the most important factor that voters will consider when deciding who to vote for President in 2020? Is it the economy as Wright’s research suggests, or is there some other factor that will be more compelling? Support your position with reasoning and provide references to the course material in your answer.You are required to include a cover page, in-text citations, and a bibliography in your paper assignment..


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