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Alexis de Tocqueville spent a significant amount of time studying America, specifically its politics. In his book, Democracy in America, de Tocqueville argued that democracy endured because of geography, laws, and “the manners and customs of the people” in addition to the fact that the attitude of Americans about the merits of democracy is fundamental to its
success here. Today, Americans are divided on numerous issues; however, political parties and interest groups share a common belief in preserving the principles of American constitutionalism even if they differ over how to put those principles into practice.
Americans very much believe in individualism, and nowhere is this more evident than in the economic sector. Americans are more willing to tolerate economic inequality than political inequality. This belief stems from a shared commitment to economic individualism and personal responsibility. Americans, today, have less trust in government than ever before, but popular confidence in political institutions remains higher here than in many nations abroad. Religion played a major role in shaping the United States and has been used numerous times throughout the centuries to promote change; however, the United States has also worked diligently to prevent discrimination based on religion. One of the most influential groups towards developing political ideas and fostering culture is the family.
The culture war has resulted in the emergence of two viewpoints: orthodox and progressive. The orthodox view believes that morality is at least as important as self-expression and that moral rules come from God or nature. The progressive view believes that personal freedom is at least as important as traditional moral rules and that these rules must be taken in the context of modern life. The culture war encompasses not just the laws and policies, but also what kind of country we want to live in.
Write two to three well-developed paragraphs in answer to the questions below. Then, respond to at least one of your classmates asking a probing question about their post or providing a post that may add additional information to what they wrote.
In America, our political system contains five main elements, often referred to as the American Creed. Briefly discuss these five elements?
Which of these five main elements is the most important to you? Why?


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