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I need support with this Social Science question so I can learn better.Signature Assignment #1 – Empirical and Quantitative Skills AssignmentStudents will prepare a brief research report related to a social issue of their choosing using data from the General Social Survey and the GSS’s Data Explorer tool ( Students will use the GSS Data Explorer to perform a bivariate analysis (concept from rubric: analysis). Students will present a table or graph from their analysis using the GSS Data Explorer. The report must be in essay format and uploaded into Canvas. The written essayreport should be approximately three pages in length (not including the GSS graph). Your GSS graph should be the entire first page of your report. Your three-page written report should begin on page 2. Your entire report with the GSS graph must be four pages long.The report should be in simplified MLA format and include: your full name in the header (see above): 12-point Times New Roman font, 1” margins, double-spaced, simple in-text citations where appropriate, and afull citation for each source (the text and the GSS) immediately after the last paragraph of your report. Do not include a separate title page or works cited page. The only sources you will use for this report will be your text and the GSS.By following the outline provided below, you will ensure you have met each of the rubric items. In the report, students are required to do each of the following:• Students will identify their selected social issue (concept from rubric: identification). Source: GSS.• Students will clearly identify their independent and dependent variablesfrom the GSS. One of these variables must be related to their selected social issue.Students will explain how these variablesarerelated to their selected social issue. Source: GSS.(concept from rubric: assimilation).• Students will identify the values for theirindependent and dependent variables. Source: GSS.(concept from rubric: assimilation).• Students will propose a hypothesis using inductive reasoning (Chambliss and Eglitis. 2020: 53). HINT:As a freebie, you should use this exact in-text citation in your Signature Assignment!(concept from rubric: analysis).• Students will describe the relationships between the two variables (concept from rubric: presentation).This will comprise the bulk of your report. (concept from rubric: assimilation).o Begin by describing the longitudinal trends you find in your graph. Do this for each value of your independent variable (e.g. male and female/white, black, hispanic, other, etc) and do so in relation to your dependent variable (the question and response you selected). If you notice sharp rises or declines among any values for your independent variables, describe those changes as well (also in relation to your dependent variable). o Choose at least three points (years) on your GSS graph to analyze. For each year, analyze the relationship between your dependent and independent variables for that year.• Students will draw a conclusion about any relationshipbetween the two variables. (concept from rubric: analysis).• Students will provide a short summary of their findingsand indicate whether the relationshipbetween the two variables supported their hypothesis (concept from rubric: application).• Students should use in-text citations throughout their research essay where appropriate (e.g. ( and/or (Chambliss and Eglitis. 2020: 53) and include two full citations for both sources immediately after the last paragraph of their report(concept from rubric: identification).Full citations at the end of your report should look like this:Chambliss and Eglitis. 2020. Discovering Sociology. Sage Publishing.Copy/paste the citation from your GSS graph (looks like a paragraph directly underneath the graph) Requirements: 4 pages   |   .doc file


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